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12 information cards. Each card has an ANZAC related question and a  brief answer.

Recording pages. 2 pages each with 6 writing sections.

For a student to do all 12 questions, they will need both recording pages. These can be double sided. Or this activity can be done in their own exercise books.

Best for year 5-8 students.

How to use:

Suggestion 1: Set up 12 stations/areas around your room with one card in each. Have your students move around the stations. (You can use all 12 or choose the ones you would like to use.) At each station, students read the card, write the question from the card they read and in their own words, write the answer to the question.

Suggestion 2: Use these as a Fast Finisher reading activity.

Suggestion 3: Split your class into 12 groups. Give each group a card. Use the information from the card as a starting point and have them research further information to make a presentation of their findings to the class.

ANZAC Q and A Activity

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