Investigation Pet is an engaging and motivating reading project where students learn about different pets & animals. They get to utilise the many New Zealand Junior Journals that schools have access to.

13 activities and 31 Journal stories or articles.

For every story or article, students choose a reading task that will earn them “Paw Points.” The better they do the tasks the more points the teacher can give them.

At the end of the project, students can be given the opportunity to use their paw points to pay for a special reward. E.g. Movie day.


Best for NZ Year 2-4.

Investigation Pet is an adaption of our Destination Series for NZ School Journals.

Investigation Pet - A NZ Junior Journal Project

  • Year Levels

    2, 3, 4

    File Type

    Compressed Zip File/PDF

    11 MB|27 pages

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