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Product Description

This is a Level 4 New Zealand Reading unit plan template. It easy to use, one page, template that is fully editable in MS Word or GoogleDocs
Highlight and tick the areas you will cover. Add your learning experiences and links to resources.
The unit template is great for your own planning, team collaborative planning and a must for when you buy a TpT or online resource that is not NZ based or didn’t come with a unit plan.
It includes:
1) NZC Achievement Objectives (Highlightable) 
     ❀Processes and strategies
     ❀Purposes and audiences 
     ❀Language features
2) Key Competencies (Tick List)
     ❀language, symbols & text
     ❀Managing Self
     ❀Relating to Others
     ❀Participating & Contributing
3) Comprehension Skills (Tick List)
3) Word Attack Skills (Tick List)
     ❀Use Picture Clues
     ❀Sound Out Word
     ❀Look for Chunks
     ❀Connect to a Word You Know
     ❀Keep Reading/Re-Read
     ❀Use Prior Knowledge
4) Editable areas for;
     ❀Specific Learning Outcomes
      ❀Teaching and Learning Activities
     ❀Evaluation of Unit

New Zealand Reading Unit Plan Template (Level 4 NZC)

  • Year Levels

    7, 8


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