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Rākau - Ready to Read Phonics Plus - Comprehension Pack 


This resource has been created to complement the Rākau- Ready to Read Phonics Plus series. It is designed to assist in teaching early comprehension.


This pack contains:

1. Teacher comprehension question card

    •10 comprehension questions for every book. Intended for the reading session with the teacher, they contain 10 questions that can be asked to the children.

    •Print, cut, laminate, ready to go!!


2. Comprehension Worksheets

    •6 comprehension questions for each book in the form of a worksheet for the children to fill out.

     •The answer can be either written or drawn.


3. Comprehension Booklets

    •2 foldable booklets per book

           1.Students to draw what happens at the beginning, the middle and the end of the story.

           2.Students to draw the main character, draw the setting, and then draw their favourite part.


Books included 6: Tinā at School, On the Forest Floor, Tumble and Turn, A Midnight Roam, A Colourful World, We Belong



Rakau - Ready to Read Phonics Plus - Comprehension Pack​​​​​​​