Product Description


This is a pack of 20 beautiful independent spelling center activity cards.

Each card has an engaging activity that motivates students to learn their spelling words.

Students pick a card for the day and complete it in their spelling book. When they have completed the activity they check it off the student check list card. The student check list card can be photocopied and glue into each students spelling book.

The cards can also be used as homework.


These cards are in both US Letter and A4 but are best shrunk down to 2 per Sheet and laminated.


Pack Includes the following cards

1 Super Hero

2 Adding Letters

3 Syllables

4 Hangman

5 Synonyms

6 Antonyms

7 Crazy Fonts

8 Dictionary

9 Word find Fun

10 Sentences

11 Word Monsters

12 Practice

13 Making Words

14 Squiggle Words

15 Acrostic Poem

16 Once Upon a Time

17 Multi Colour

18 Fairy Tale

19 Rhyming Words

20 Crosswords

Spelling Center Activity Cards (20 Pack)