This mega classroom set up pack has been put together to help get your classroom all set up in a Mosaic theme and tick off some ideas to help you in your first week of the year.
US and UK Spelling included.


Included in this pack are:

  • A set of Alphabet Posters
  • A set of Numbers Posters 1 – 20
  • Are You The Chosen One Posters and Poem. This is a resource for helping provide ideas of what to say to a friend in crisis.
  • Mosaic themed star Sight Words x 95 + the Days of the Week and Months of the Year
  • Mosaic themed Stars with the Months of the Year to be used as a birthday display. Once printed and cut out, you can write the names of the children in the stars.
  • Mosaic themed Growth Mindset Display: a set of 12 stars that include statements such as “I’ll keep trying till I get it”, “I won’t give up”, “I can do this”, “I will ask for help”, “I will stay positive”.
  • Mosaic themed Classroom Mottos x 4 - “Don’t be Shy to Try”, “It’s cool to be kind”, “Mistakes are proof that you’re trying”, “You are brave, special, important, precious, strong, kind”.
  • Mosaic themed Inspirational Quote Posters x6 – including: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out”, “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody”.
  • Mosaic themed Classroom Titles for displays x26 – including: Reading, Writing, Maths, Library, Wow Work, STEAM, Welcome, Values, Topic, Bump it up etc etc.


The Games and Activities provided for the first week include:

  • About Me worksheet
  • School and Personal Goals Sheets
  • An About Me Booklet
  • Holiday Recount Writing Templates
  • A Mosaic frame for displaying children’s work on the wall
  • Art activities: “Helping Hands” are hands to be decorated and then used for displaying jobs and then an arm to decorate to reflect themselves and displayed together for a “We’re All In This Together” classroom display.
  • Games include: 4 options for the game “Find Someone Who”. “Ask Ask Trade” is a game to find out more about each other.
  • Instructions for Games and Art Activities are provided.

Start of the Year Set Up Pack

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