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Ready to Read

Do you want to know more about how Ready to Read Colour Wheel and Phonics Plus books work together and when to transfer from one to the other? 
Visit the following TKI link and watch the very informative video called "Connecting Phonics Plus to the Colour Wheel"

The video indicates that once students reach Mahuri they are ready to use the Ready to Read colour wheel starting at Green (L12-14) 
Learners build their word recognition fluency as they use the Phonics Plus books. When they move to the Colour Wheel books, they use their word recognition skills, and the emphasis shifts to developing language comprehension. Together, word recognition and language comprehension underpin children becoming skilled readers.

This poster shows the Ready to Read journey. It describes how the Ready to Read Phonics Plus books link in with the Ready to Read Colour Wheel books.

Click here to download the digital versions of these books.