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This Career Booklet has been created to support a Year 7 and 8 (Grade 6) program exploring careers. It is set up to be used as a research booklet to research 6 jobs students would like to do or just of interest.


Page 1: a page for students to write what they love to do, what they are interested in and what their hobbies are. This can be a good starting point for anyone struggling to think of a career.


Page 2: 3 columns of 3 boxes to fill in.

The first column of boxes is for the students to list all the jobs they already know of and/or can think of.

The second column is for the students to write 3 jobs that they already know they want to do. You will see the numbers 1, 2, 3 in the boxes – these correspond to the research pages 3 – 8.

The third column is for the students to write 3 jobs that they are interested in finding out about. These can even be jobs they may not actually want to do, but are just interested in finding some information about. You will see the numbers 4, 5, 6 in these boxes corresponding to the research pages 9 – 14.


Pages 3-14: For each of the 6 jobs they have written down there are 2 pages for

the students to fill out with information they gather about the job.


Page 15 and 16: Reflection pages on what they have learnt about the jobs – likes best, likes least and 2 other jobs they are interested in after the research.


Page 17: A quote to colour in.


Careers Booklet