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NZ Journals Chapters Level 2 Super Spies response worksheets.
Provided are 12 response worksheets. Within these 12 worksheets are 7 individual response worksheets for each of the 7 chapters. Each worksheet has a set of questions to answer and an activity to complete. The 5 extra worksheets are extra activities.

I have created 2 options for you. 

1) The first option is a set of 12 individual response worksheets. Using this set gives you the option of printing what pages you want to use, when you want to use them and even the possibility of sending an activity page home for homework. 

2) The second option is set up so you can print the whole set of 12 worksheets as a stapled together booklet that the children can work through creating their own booklet of responses. For this to work, you will need to print all 12 pages as they have been formatted for this.

The files have been named to reflect each of these options. 

I hope you and your students love this new chapter series and these response worksheets too. I actually really enjoyed this first chapter story.


“Research shows that there is a positive relationship between the amount of reading ākonga choose to do and their reading achievement. The CHAPTERS series is designed to help year 3 ākonga make the transition to chapter book reading, which is an important aspect in developing an independent reading habit.”
The Ministry of Education 2022

CHAPTERS - Super Spies - NZ School Journal