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This set of 30 posters have been made for displaying in your classroom.

There is a basic definition/explanation for each of the climate change related questions. You can display all or some.


Definitions include:
What Is Global Warming? What Is Climate Change?  What Are Greenhouse Gases?  What Is Carbon-Neutral? What Is Renewable Energy? What Are Fossil Fuels? What Is Rising Sea Levels? What Is Ocean Acidification? What Is Displacement And Migration? What Is The Problem With Plastic? What Is A Carbon Footprint? What Is Reducing Energy Consumption? What Is Deforestation? What Is Deforestation? What Is Pollution? What Is Biodiversity? What Is Biodiversity? What Is Melting Polar Ice? What Is Melting Polar Ice? What Are Ecosystems? What Is Sustainability? What Is Food Security? What Is Carbon Dioxide? What Is Solar Energy? What Is Wind Energy? What Is Geothermal Energy? What Is Hydropower? What Is Ocean Energy? What Is Bioenergy? What Is The World Doing? What Can I Do? Should We Be Concerned?

Climate Change - Definition Posters