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This activity has been created to compliment Earth Day.

This activity focuses on reusing recyclable items commonly found in rubbish.

15 items are provided as options.

From these 15, the children can choose 2, 3, 4 or more and use those items to create something that is useful.

In their creation they may use as many of the chosen item as they need. For example, if they choose egg carton and paper cup, they may use as many egg cartons and paper cups as they need to make their creation.


Once the items are chosen, the children draw a picture of their creation. Older children can label it if they would like.

Then write an explanation that includes what it is, how it works and why it is useful.


** Please note –

Option one: has the entire activity on the one page so you would only need to print and photocopy that one page if you choose to use that option.

Option two: the same activity but it is spread over 2 pages allowing for a larger space to draw their creation and a larger space to write their explanation.


I really hope you have some fun with this activity highlighting recycling and reusing.

If possible, you can go one step further and allow the children to actually make their idea!

Earth Day Activity - Free