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This resource has been created for the fast finishers in your class!

First there is a “Ask yourself” poster to display to make sure they have completed the set work. If they can answer yes to the 3 questions, they can choose a Fast Finisher Task Card activity.


I have designed these so that they are curriculum area specific. An option for how to use this resource is that if you are doing writing and there is a fast finisher during writing time, they can choose a task from the writing cards. Or, they can choose a task from any curriculum area.


Curriculum areas included are:

•Reading – 12 tasks

•Writing – 12 tasks

•Maths – 12 tasks

•Spelling – 12 tasks

•Art – 12 tasks

•STEM – 16 tasks

•All work – 20 tasks


Each set of task cards is colour coded to match the curriculum area.

Each set of cards has an envelope you can make to store the cards if you wish.

The curriculum areas are also provided as a display card if you wish to use or store these cards in a different way that suits you.

You can also use them all as one large set of 96 fast finisher task cards! J

Fast Finisher Task Cards