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Father’s Day is a day to celebrate Dad! This activity is something fun to do that can be given to Dad as a present or as a card on Father’s Day.


VIP CAP - However, as a teacher I also know that this day, for some of our children and for numerous reasons, is not such a great day. So I have included a cap option for those children that would prefer to make a cap for someone in their life that is important/special to them - VIP.


What to do:

  • A top layer of the cap is to be decorated and cut out.
  • Carefully cut up the dotted lines to the dot.
  • A bottom layer is to be filled in and cut out.
  • Staple both together using the line on the top layer as a guide for your staple.
  • A junior school and a senior school version are available for you to choose from depending on the level of your children.
  • USA and UK spelling versions available.

Father’s Day Cap Activity

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