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NZ Maths Coverage Check - Phase 2, Year 4-6

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New Zealand Maths Coverage Check Sheets are made to enable teachers to check the coverage of their maths program.

They can also be used for students to see their next steps and learning progressions.

They are made in Google Sheets and include easy-to-use tick boxes with automatic highlighting of the progress outcomes and steps.

Based on the NZ Curriculum Refresh. Understand, Know, Do.


NZ Maths Coverage Check - Phase2

  • Google Sheets

    Please Note:

    • Open the PDF once downloaded
    • Click the link on the second page to get your copy of your resource.
    • Once you click the link you will need to sign into your Google account.
    • You will then be asked to “Make a Copy.”
    • Your new copy will be added to your Google Drive.