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This planner has been made to include the New Zealand Curriculum Refresh 2023 Phase 3 Year 7-8.

Understand, Know, Do Progress Outcomes and Steps.

It is great to work on digitally in Google Docs or Downloaded into MS WORD. If you love using pen and paper you can also print these and bind them into your own planning folder.

Download our free extra blank week planner template to help you make a ring-bound booklet.


Progress Steps include

  • Please note there are no Progress Steps for Phase 3.


Key features

Tick boxes.

Tick a box and it will automatically strike out to corresponding Progress Outcome or Step. You can also just use the highlighter as well.

Word Attack Skills tick Boxes

Use Picture Clues, Look for Chunks, Keep Reading/Re-Read, Sound Out Word, Look for Blends, Use Prior Knowledge

Comprehension Areas of Focus

Literal, Reorganisation, Reaction, Inference, Vocabulary, Evaluation


This document is fully customisable.

You are most welcome to change these to whatever you want.

NZ Weekly Planner - Literacy - Phase 3 - Google Docs

  • Google Docs


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