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This pack has been created around positive affirmations. Help your students see the positive and work on their well-being.

There are 2 background pack options for you to choose from. One is referred to as the ‘doodle background’ and the other is the ‘pastel background’.

The 2 background option packs have the same activities and displays included.

So have a look at both and choose which background you prefer. J


The activities and displays included in each background pack are:


1) Alphabet. A 1 page alphabet that has a positive “I am” affirmation for each letter. This is followed by a set of alphabet cards, 1 card per letter with the affirmation that you can use if you would like a full alphabet display.

2) Colouring in. A set of 10 positive statements that can be printed as colouring in sheets for students to do. There are 2 options per statement.

3) “I am” display. A set of 21 words that finish “I am”. I.e: I am kind

4) “I am” poster. A 1 page with 34 words that can be printed and displayed.

5) An encouraging poem I wrote called “It’s actually ok” about making mistakes.

6) A set of affirmation statement posters. 34 in total.

7) Affirmation statements poster. A 1 page with 40 statements that can be printed and displayed.

8) A set of 5 worksheets for the students to fill in using UK and US spelling for the instruction to ‘colour’! J


Use some or use all of it! I’m really proud of this pack and hope you love using it in your classroom and with your students.

Positive Affirmation Pack

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