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This resource has been created to complement the Ready to Read Turquoise

Colour Wheel series. L17-18

Included are 12 activities for each of the 13 books.

The activities include; Cloze, Word find, Retell, Character Analysis x2, Write a Letter, New Words, New Cover, Drawing Responses, Reflections, Book Report and more.


Use them in shared reading, guided reading, individual reading centres or as a homework follow-up.


Book List: Butterfly Day, Dinner for Greedy Cat, Easy Peasy, Inside the Maize Maze, Isobels Garden, Kapa Haka, Karas Music, Monkey and Crocodile, No More Cake, Te Pepi Hou, The Kings Birthday, Timos Shorts, White Sunday in Samoa, 

Ready To Read - Turquoise - Follow Up Activities