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Ten a Month - NZ Histories Events - Year 3 - Phase 1

Your students will love learning about these 120 historical New Zealand events, ten for each month. Use them in your literacy time or history lessons. The 120 events are a mixture of events from New Zealand’s past including disasters, famous people, celebrations, Kiwiana, and significate NZ events and milestones.

This pack is suitable for year 3 & year 4 even though the Phase does not match.


1) Information Card

For each historical event, there is an information card providing a summary of the event. The information can be read out loud by the teacher or independently by students.


2) Worksheet

•Use the Information Cards provided in this resource to share what the historical event is. (Shared Reading)

•Students then copy over the sentence/s provided on each worksheet and draw a picture in the box to go with the historical event.

•There is space left allowing for the student to write their own sentence.


3) Research Templates

This pack includes 3 templates that can be used for research.

•Templates 1 and 2 can be used for researching a historical event.

•Template 3 can be used for doing further research about an event that they have already learnt a little about and may want to look deeper to get some more information.

Ten a Month - NZ Histories Events - Year 3 - Phase 1