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Included in this pack are 92 graphic organisers, drawing, drawing and writing, written responses and activities for any fiction and non-fiction text. US and UK spelling.

Appropriate for years 4-8 (Grade 3-6)


•Pages 1 to 22 - The first set of worksheets are only drawing-based responses/activities. 

•Pages 23 to 40 - The second set of worksheets are a combination of drawing and writing.

•Pages 41 to 92 - The third set of worksheets are only written responses.

There are plenty of ways you can use this resource:

  • Use one response sheet at a time that fits with the text being read.
  • Have multiple response options for the students to choose from.
  • Create a booklet for the students to work through.
  • Homework Activities.
  • Fast Finisher Activities.

Ultimate Generic Reading Responses - 92 Sheets