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Adding Adjectives - I can write interesting sentences!


A fun sentence building resource with a focus on adding adjectives to nouns.

**40 worksheets.   **2 options.


Each worksheet has a sentence with 2 nouns that match the picture on the worksheet.

There are 3 adjective options provided for each noun. They rewrite the sentence adding an adjective to make it more interesting.


A. Cut and paste the words provided at the bottom of the page to make a correct sentence about the picture.

B. Write the sentence.

C. Add an adjective (or 2) to describe the noun from the 3 that are provided for each noun. Possibly even add one of their own ??.

There are 2 options provided in this resource.

1 - The first set of worksheets provides larger lines for the  writing.

2 – The second set has smaller lines and also asks the child to write a second sentence of their own.

Adding Adjectives - I can write interesting sentences