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This is a resource to help children and teens build life skills and learn how they can overcome obstacles no matter how big or small they may be. It can help to build resilience as they come up with strategies to help themselves cope in different situations.


Included in this pack are versions of:

1 Story book

1 Workbook.


The story book has 3 versions available. The story itself is the same but the illustrations are different. One is more suited to younger children (approx age 5 - 10) and the other is more suited to older children (approx age 10 +).

The 3rd and newest option is suited more for older teenagers. You can choose which one to print.


The story book has been written to allow children to understand ‘obstacles’ and the idea of ‘jumping life’s obstacles’.


The workbook has been created for children to work through to come up with strategies on how they can overcome life’s obstacles. The 2 versions available are designed for different age groups. Have a look at each and choose which one you think suits your needs the best.

For each page/topic some discussion is needed.

You could have full class discussions, group discussions or buddy discussions.

This will allow for children to share thoughts, ideas, opinions, experiences and for others to get ideas.


However, what they write down in the workbook needs to be relevant for them.


It is my hope that the book and the workbook together will help children understand that we will all faces obstacles and to then allow children to think through how they can/will cope and overcome.


They work best printed as booklets. Make sure to print from page 3 so you don't get the first 2 instruction pages!

Building Resilience, Jumping Life's Obstacles

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