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This is a set of  worksheets focusing on capital letters and full stops.
Pack 3. Best for Years 3-5


Each worksheet has 3 sentences. Each sentence needs to be split to make 2 sentences.

The student needs to:

Read the sentence.

Rewrite the sentence, making it 2 and add the capital letters and full stops. **All ‘i’ need to be changed to ‘I’ too.

Tick the boxes when they have done each.


Included is a title page if you want to print this pack as a booklet for students to work through.


As well as being useful within the teaching and practicing of capital letters and full stops, these worksheets can be used:

* As a quick activity at the beginning of your writing session.

* A fast finisher activity.

* Sent home for homework.

* Extra practice for students struggling in this area.


**Please note – there are further resources available on this topic.

Full Stops and Capital Letters - Pack3