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Junior Handwriting - I Am Practicing The Alphabet


This resource has been created for students that are practicing the alphabet.

Each page is dedicated to 1 letter. There is a large upper case and lower case example of the letter including a large one of each to trace over. Then there are 5 lines of upper case and lower case letters. Each line provides examples to trace over and then they can finish the line drawing the letters themselves. There is also enough space to practice underneath each line by themselves.

There is a line at the top of the page for the students to write their name on if you choose to use this resource as individual pages rather than a booklet.


This resource can be printed in colour or black and white, photocopied and used as:

  • an individual booklet for each child to work through.
  • an activity within your letter for the week program using the letter that relates.
  • an extra activity within your writing program.
  • a fast finisher activity.
  • a laminated resource for the children to practice on and then be wiped down and reused.

Junior Handwriting - I Am Practicing The Alphabet

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