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This is a set of 60 fun and crazy fitness tasks.

Great ideas for fun sessions, warm ups, competitions, challenges, races and relays!

‘Invisible’ and ‘pretend’ tasks are included so creativity and imagination will be needed for some tasks!


Fun ideas that can be used:

*To start your fitness session.

*For the whole fitness session.

*For a quick 5 minute break activity from working.

*A warm up for your sport session.


Some tasks can be made in to a pair/buddy activity or a group activity.

Some tasks can be made into relays or races so… take the idea on the card and make it yours!


**For all tasks the teacher/coach needs to set the distance and the rules and boundaries for the task.

For example – “run to the end of the field and back”,

                    “run to the end of the court and back”,

                    “run around the boundary of the court”,

                    “ no touching anyone” etc.

PE Fitness Cards