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This resource has been created to complement the Ready to Read Orange Colour Wheel series. L15-16

Included are 10 activities for each of the 14 books. 140 activities all together. 

The activities include; Handwriting, Cloze, Wordfind, Retell, Character Analysis, New Words, New Cover, Personal Response,  Reflections, Book Report


Use them in shared reading, guided reading, individual reading centres or as a homework follow-up.


Book List: A Special Visit to Koro and Nanny, Greedy Cat and the Visitor, Honeymakers, Mya’s Finger, My Name is Laloifi, One at a Time, Stuck!, Two Homes, A Very Clever Possum, Fleeb Watches TV, Growing Pumpkins, Mum’s Octopus, Rat and Octopus, Taonga.

Ready To Read Orange - Follow Up Activities