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This is a set of 12 reading comprehension worksheets based on the ocean and issues around the health of the ocean.

Each page has a reading passage that answers the Sea/Ocean related question.

This is followed by 8 comprehension questions to answer.



1.What is the difference between the ocean and the sea?

2.Why is the ocean so important?

3.Why should we protect the ocean?

4.Why is the oceans health at risk?

5.How can we restore the oceans health?

6.How do tides work?

7.What is happening to the oceans reefs?

8.What is sustainable fishing?

9.Why are marine protected areas so important for the health of the ocean?

10.What is causing sea animals to become endangered?

11.Why is the ocean important to humans?

12.What is an ocean eco-system?

Sea Week Reading Comprehension Sheets - Upper Primary - Yr 5 - 8