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This resource has been created to aid with the teaching and learning of persuasive/argument writing.

The idea is that the students present the other side of the argument than the side that is presented in the text already provided.

The argument texts provided not only make this a reading and writing activity but can be used as exemplars on how to write their own argument.


Included in the set are 15 fun and entertaining topics.

Bedtime, Cars, Chores, Classroom Rules, Growing Food, Handwriting, Healthy Food, Holidays, Homework, Pets, Screen Time, Social Media, Sport, Traveling, Uniforms.


Each topic includes:

  • A unit plan connecting to the NZ English Curriculum, Level 3.

  • A title page.

  • A text to read that presents one side of the argument on the topic. (Please note - 3 of the topics have a second option available where the text provided has a less word count than the original. This is for any students that may still be struggling with reading longer texts.)

  • Comprehension questions to answer.

  • Answer sheet to the comprehension questions.

  • An instruction sheet for how to write an argument.

  • A planning template.

  • A writing template.

I had fun making this and I hope you find this resource helpful and good fun too.

Argument Writing