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The focus of this resource is to research 20 famous poets from around the world.
Including NZ, AU, UK, US Poets


There are 2 options available. You can use one or both.

1. A Research Booklet. This option is 6 pages for students to fill in. 

2. An A3 Poster. This option is one A3 sized page poster to be filled out.


Both options are asking for the same information about the poet, however, there is more in the booklet. One way to use both is the booklet can be used as the collector of all the information and the poster used as the final display with the main information.


1.Bill Manhire (NZ)

2.James K. Baxter (NZ)

3.Allen Curnow (NZ)

4.Jenny Bornholdt (NZ)

5.Les Murray (AUS)

6.Lionel Fogarty (AUS)

7.Dorothy Hewett (AUS)

8.Kenneth Slessor (AUS)

9.Maya Angelou (US)

10.Walt Whitman (US)

11.Robert Frost (US)

12.Emily Dickinson (US)

13.Wallace Stevens (US)

14.Gwendolyn Brooks (US)

15.Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (US)

16.Phillis Wheatley (African born/US)

17.William Shakespeare (UK)

18.William Wordsworth (UK)

19.John Donne (UK)

20.Alexander Pope (UK)

Famous World Poets - Research and WebQuest