Holiday Writing Templates.


Included in this resource are a few different options you can use for writing holiday recounts.


1)Page 1 is a planning sheet if you would like to use it. The children write in the middle box what they will be focusing on – the main event. In the outside boxes they can write details and important information they want to include.


2)The following pages are options of writing sheets that include a ‘box’ to draw a picture in. The ‘boxes’ to draw in includes outlines of cameras, old style film, a frame, a cell phone, a pair of sunglasses, and a thought bubble. The students can draw a picture, a highlight, a memory from their holiday and then there are lines to write their recount.


3)There is also a full page of lines if needed for extra writing or if you choose not to draw pictures.


Also included are 2 art options:


1)Draw the best memory from the holidays in the cell phone. No writing needed. Cut out and display.


2)Draw the best thing/s you saw during the holidays in the sunglasses. Draw what you could see as if you were wearing the sunglasses. No writing needed. Cut out and display.

Holiday Writing Templates