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Product Description

This level 2 extension pack contains just the Li/WALT list for our "NZ Online Week Planner L2".
It does not include the week planner itself.

The purpose of this pack it to cater for teachers who have multiple levels in their class.

Included in this pack is a video tutorial on how to add these extensions to your existing week planner.

Pack Includes LI/WALT Lists for:

  • Maths LI/WALT L2/Stage 4 Numeracy Project
  • Maths LI/WALT L2/Stage 5 Numeracy Project
  • Reading LI/WALT L2 - Year 3 Literacy Progressions
  • Reading LI/WALT L2 - Year 4 Literacy Progressions
  • Writing LI/WALT L2 NZ Curriculum - Speaking, Writing, Presenting


If you want the full planner please go to our website or TpT store.



NZ Online Week Planner L2 Extension Pack (li/WALT lists only)

  • Year Levels

    3, 4

    File Type

    Google Sheets™ 

    Full instructions provided in download file. PDF