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Product Description


Social Sciences 
NZ Curriculum Refresh 

Year 1-3

These unit plan templates are great and will save you time and effort. Made specifically for NZ teachers. Fabulous for those resources you buy online that don’t come with NZ planning included. They are easy to use templates that are fully editable in MS Word or GoogleDocs. Highlight and tick the areas you will cover. Add your learning experiences and links to resources.

The Template Includes:

Learning Progressions

  • Understand
  • Know 
  • Do

Key Competencies (Tick List)
     ❀language, symbols & text
     ❀Managing Self
     ❀Relating to Others
     ❀Participating & Contributing
Editable areas for;
     ❀Specific Learning Outcomes
     ❀Teaching and Learning Activities
     ❀Evaluation of Unit

NZ Social Sciences Unit Plan Template - Year 1-3

    • Compressed Zip File
    • MS Word
    • GoogleDoc Friendly
      • Please see instructions in "Title" PDF for how to upload to Google Docs