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These activity booklets have been made with upper-primary students in mind who are still struggling with phonics. 150 Worksheets/Activities!!!

The booklet cover has been designed so the contents of the booklet are not so obvious.

The activity pages in each booklet have also been designed with older students in mind with plenty of work to do on each page.
The booklets cover the same skills and knowledge in several different ways so that students don’t get bored.


Booklets included

•Phonics Booklet 1 Beg Mid End Sounds

•Phonics Booklet 2 Short and Long Vowels

•Phonics Booklet 3 Sentence Writing with CVC words

•Phonics Booklet 4 Blends and Digraphs

•Phonics Booklet 5 Silent E

•Phonics Booklet 6 Short Story Writing Practice

Phonics For Older Learners