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Product Description

These are a set of 36 STEM Design cards that will inspire your students to create amazing inventions and contraptions.

A) Hard Copy

1) Cut out and laminate.

2) Randomly hand out a card to every student in your class.

3) Give time for students to brainstorm and discuss their design with each other.

4) Give students the time required to design and draw their ideas on the provided drawing paper or your own.

5) Make sure they label and describe each aspect of the design.

6) Once completed, allow students to move around the room sharing their inventions and designs with each other.

7) Create good copies to display on the wall.


B) Electronic 

Or simply post them to your electric learning system using the image files provided. 


Examples of prompts: 
Design a remote for controlling your sibling.

Design a futuristic wallet or purse.

STEM Design Cards

  • Grade/Year Levels

    2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 

    File Type

    Compressed Zip File/PDF

    2 MB