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This game is designed so the children can get to know each other. There are 48 question cards provided.


1. Hand out a card to each child.

2. Pair the children up.

3. In their pairs, do paper, scissors, rock to see who will go first.

4. The ‘winner’ asks their question to their buddy.

5. Buddy answers.

6. The buddy then asks their question and the first child answers.

7. ****THEY SWAP CARDS.****

8. They then move off to find a new partner. To do this they must hold their hand up. When they see another child with their hand in the air, they can pair up with that child and start the process again.

9. Encourage the children to interact with everyone. The one rule is that they must not avoid pairing up with certain children they might not choose to talk to

Swap A Question - A getting to know me game

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