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This brochure has been created to generate discussion and thought on what is your why and what is your what. It is to help give hope in times of feeling hopeless. Finding your why is thinking about and then finding the reason or even reasons to keep going. The thing, person, place that means so much to you that you wont give up in those moments when you want to. Finding your what is the practical side. It is choosing to do something for yourself. This is often the hardest as we have very little, if any, motivation to do anything. But having a plan and some things in place that you can do for you will help to get you through. Choose the things that give you the greatest joy and it will be a bit easier. Make sure your plan doesn’t just include talking to a friend as sometimes our friends may be busy in that moment we need them. It is important to have other “whats” in place. From me: You will see at the bottom of the pages my why and my what. I didn’t realise at the time that these were what they were but looking back and reflecting, I realise now that I had a reason to not give up and I had something that I loved that helped me get through many times of feeling hopeless. I wish you all the best as you think about your why and your what!

What’s Your Why and What’s Your What?

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