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This pack of first word worksheets has been created to compliment the teaching and learning of sight and heart words. Due to covering both, I have named this pack "First Words". The worksheets will work within and can fit into whatever program you already have up and running in your classroom focusing on the learning of these words.

Included are 5 worksheet packs that each cover 136 words. The 136 words used in each worksheet pack are listed in a table that you will find on the second page. Within the 136 words, you will find both sight and heart words.

The 5 worksheets included are:

  1. First Word Booklet. 1 for each word. To be filled in and then can be folded in half and in half again to make a little booklet.

  2. Cut and Paste Worksheet. A cut and paste worksheet activity page. 1 for each word.

  3. Word Match – Cactus. A Cactus themed colour, cut and paste matching worksheet. There are 2 words per page so the students have to paste the correct word onto the matching cactus.

  4. Word Match – Spaceship. A Spaceship themed colour, cut and paste worksheet activity page. 1 for each word.

  5. First Words Worksheet. A worksheet to fill in for each word. Including handwriting, I Spy, decorate, write and draw around the word.


These could also be used for home learning activities too!


***US and UK spelling versions included.

First Words Activity Worksheets

  • 624 Pages