Bundle Description

This is a Bundle of our New Zealand School Journal Reading Responses packs for 2020.

The packs include multiple reading responses for both the stories and articles in the journal. Each article or story has a comprehension question sheet followed by 1 or 2 follow up/fast finishers sheets. 

This is a great resource for using in your group teaching. A comprehension activity with the teacher and enough extra activities to keep them going for a day or two after.


This pack includes: 

Level 2 May 2020

Level 3 May 2020

Level 4 May 2020


Level 2 August 2020

Level 3 August 2020


Level 2 November 2020

Level 3 November 2020

Level 4 November 2020

NZ School Journal Responses - 2020 Bundle - Level 2 - 4