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This resource has been created to complement the  Rākau - Tree

Ready to Read Phonics Plus series.

This set covers worksheets for all 6 books.
For each book there are 8 worksheets.
48 Worksheets in all.

Included are 8 worksheets.

The words used in the worksheets from the book are the

11 Regular words for sounding out:

running, flapping, sitting, spotting, dropped, topped, fattest, biggest, digging, swimming, grinning

The 8 worksheets provide you with a few options of how to use them:

•One per day of reading. You can choose the one you think would work best.

•One that can be done at school and one that can be sent home.

•One to work through with the teacher and one for an independent activity.


Click here to download the digital versions of these books.

Rakau - Tree - Ready to Read Phonics Plus - Reading Responses