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This is a free report writing resource for teachers to gain a better understanding of students thoughts about the year in their classroom.

Great for personalising report comments and getting student voice. 

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Fully customizable in MS PowerPoint or use the PDF version as they are.


Questions include

1 highlight for the year

1 thing that was hard this year

How do you prefer to learn? (Circle) Whole class By Myself In a pair In a group

Did you do really well in a school event this year?

1 thing you learnt during maths

1 thing you still need to work on in maths

What was your favourite piece of writing this year?

1 thing you still need to work on in writing

1 thing that you enjoyed from reading this year

1 thing you are still working on during in reading

1 topic activity you enjoyed this year

1 thing you would like to achieve next year

Is there anything else you would like to share?


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Thoughts For Reports

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