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This pack has been created to provide hands on activities to accompany the Ready To Read Phonics Plus Books Tupu/Seedling– Activities are for Focus Sounds and Decodable Words.
Lots of options for every book. Use them all or just a few. Lower and upper case versions included.

Focus sound letters and blends included are:
oo, ee, wh, qu, -tch, x, ff, ss, ll, sw, sl, sp, sc, st, sn, sk, nd, st, ft, nt, ch, -nk, fl, bl, cl, tr, dr, cr, fr, a e, o e, i e, soft c



1 Peg match

2 Picture Match

3 Which on?

4 Ice Cream Puzzle

5 Letter Match

6 Focus on the sound.


Click here to download the digital versions of these books.

Tupu/Seedling - Ready to Read Phonics Plus - Hands on Activities