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This resource has been created to complement Tupu – Seedling – Set B 2023

Ready to Read Phonics Plus series.

This set covers worksheets for all 9 books. For each book there are 12 worksheets.
108 Worksheets in all.

Each worksheet has a handwriting section and an activity that focuses on the words and letters the book is highlighting.

There is also a bonus blank template included if you would like to make your own worksheet.


The 12 worksheets provide you with a few options of how to use them:

  • One per day of reading. You can choose the one you think would work best.
  • One that can be done at school and one that can be sent home.
  • One to work through with the teacher and one for an independent activity.

Books included.

SET B: Crab Gets Stuck, Is Kiwi Asleep, Splash, Tui Has a Plan, Home Time, Time to Hide, The Tall Cone, I Miss Tina, At the Marae


Click here to download the digital versions of these books.

Tupu - Seedling - Set B - Ready to Read Phonics Plus - Reading Responses