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This resource is a 52 week long Gratitude Journal.


Taking some time each day to think about, reflect upon and record something to be grateful for is proven to be one of the best ways to help us feel better in a time where happy feelings and positive thoughts may be hard to come by.


In this journal there is one page per week. Each page has 7 bubbles to be filled out. It can be filled out each day by choosing a bubble to write in.

The end of the day is the best time. The questions have been kept simple so as not to need too much time but are focused enough that each day gives us something to be grateful for.

If printing off all 65 pages is too much in one go, then you can print out a few pages/weeks at a time. **Print from page 3 so you don’t print this or the next How to Use page.**


As a Parent/Caregiver:

This resource is set up so it can be a daily activity.  Whoever is filling in the journal can choose a bubble each day they would like to focus on and fill in. If the days get busy, the 7 bubbles can be filled in within a couple of days. Just make sure to take some time each day to name something to be grateful for.

This can also be done as an activity altogether as a family. The bubbles are big enough that a parent could write in each family members responses. The key to this is having some discussion around it and making sure that every member of the family can find something to be grateful for.

Also - the bubbles are big enough for younger children to draw their answer in.


As a teacher:

Using this resource in the classroom looks a bit different as it needs to work within the 5 days of school and will work best when it becomes a natural part of the daily routine.

Each child can still choose a bubble to fill in each day. This could be done at the end of the day or even as an after lunch quiet down activity. At some stage on a Friday, the remaining bubbles can be filled in. Also – you wont need all 52 weeks so you can print out the amount of pages you need per term.

My Gratitude Journal

  • Best for Year 3 - 8  (Grade 3 - 6)

    65 Pages